Slip No More is the Brainchild of Dean Strydom. The mission was to supply anti slip products to increase floor safety & reduce the risk of slip & fall injuries.

Starting in 2005 Dean chose to build an anti slip flooring product brand of his own – rather than operate under the name of a supplier with national distribution rights. The idea was to manufacture quality anti slip flooring treatments & slip prevention products at affordable prices. It was for this reason that Slip No More established a brand as a formidable player within the slip prevention industry.

Slip No More specialises in the manufacture and distribution of non slip floor tiles, non slip coatings for floors as well as anti slip flooring treatments for porcelain and ceramic tiles. Another product we provide is the revolutionary grip kit – which is a permanent alternative to anti slip tapes. We also offer a range of cleaners and degreasers that are used in the preparation of floors before they are treated by our slip prevention products.

Out of the sheer need for floor safety & slip prevention products to be made available to the general public as well as businesses throughout the world, Slip No More has been on a quest to develop and perfect the most comprehensive range of anti slip flooring treatments available.