Non Slip Coatings Slip No MoreSlip No More specializes in increasing the static coefficient of friction of slippery floors by using a range of anti slip flooring treatments, non slip coatings as well as safety tapes for stairs and permanent Grip Kit for slippery ramps and stairs. It is with this range that makes Slip No More Anti Slip flooring treatments a brand that sets floor safety as a priority in the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic markets.

Whether you have a slippery shower, slippery patio or slippery bathroom in your home or even slippery kitchens floors, slippery bathrooms or slippery stairs in the workplace, Slip No More have the solution to your problem. We urge all health and safety officers, property managers and architects, building inspectors as well as home owners to browse through our website.

We have a range of products that can be applied to just about any surface out there in the aim to increase the slip resistance of the floor by applying anti slip flooring products and non slip coatings. By doing this, we increase the safety of your friends, family and colleagues. Slip and fall accidents account for a very high accidental death rate throughout the world, in fact, the second highest accidental death rate in the world second to car accidents.

Everyone knows at least 1 person that has slipped or has seen at least 1 floor that is slippery when exposed to moisture. Join us on our quest to make the world a safer place, one floor at a time.